Hatchit commentary appears in BR Business Report

September 21, 2015 /

As campaign season rolls out across the state, certain names become more memorable than others. Is this the result of a strong political stance or something else?

The Baton Rouge Business Report recently acknowledged the influx of campaign signage and decided to put the new logos to the test. The Report asked leading creatives from the capital area to weigh in on the candidates’ graphic designs. Along with four other professionals, our very own Jeremy Beyt laid into the good, the bad and the boring of Louisiana’s election candidate logos.

Why is this important?

Political campaigns provide one of the most tangible examples of guerilla branding, showing success and failure in a very public arena. One key aspect to polling success is name recognition. Through building a strong brand, candidates may build this recognition and associate it with positive feelings. No successful brand may accomplish this without a solid logo.

Check out Jeremy’s commentary here.