Making the complex simple.

When a company has as many service offerings as CMA Technology Solutions, it's easy for things to get complicated.

CMA Technology Solutions is a strong company with a ton of great business solutions, but their previous website did not properly engage and communicate with their target audience. The important action items were nowhere to be found, the organization of service offerings was messy and confusing, and the design aesthetic did not convey strength and trust.

Strategy + Content

CMA offers a wide variety of solutions for a variety of industries and professions. We developed a strategy that made sense of these offerings, and presented them in a way that is universally easy to understand.

Once we nailed down a comprehensive site map, we shifted our focus to the content. Content drives everything - it drives engagement, conversion, and search engine optimization. We needed content that delivered. In order to extract content for a deep array of sub-pages, services, and industry-specific niches, our team built content-request-guides for every content owner in the organization. These guides were designed to guide content owners in how to write and deliver content that sells their services.


Now that the foundation was set, we introduced a fresh color scheme, a clean UI, and engaging imagery. Our focus was to create an aesthetic that fostered trust and credibility, while portraying an organization that was on the leading edge of technology.

“Hatchit rocks. The new CMA website is now centered on supporting the business. Thanks for the excellent effort!”

- Ken Harrell, CMA Technology Solutions

Bringing it to life.

To launch a website of this scale, it requires a robust process and a precise execution strategy. Our programming team brought the website to life, and adapted it for desktop, tablet and mobile. Every page was constructed upon a user-friendly content management system that made content input simple. Analytics track every user that engages with the website and empowers CMA to make real-time adaptive decisions. These steps allow us to continue to evolve the website into a more powerful business tool.

...and we didn't forget to celebrate the launch either.

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