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About the Client

K2 Coolers builds some of the most rugged, well-insulated ice chests on the market. Over the years, K2 has been so focused on building an incredible product that they neglected a critical component of their business – the web store.  Our redesign started back at the drawing board and blossomed into a full fledged branding campaign that elevated sales and increased brand awareness globally.

It’s not about the cooler, it’s about the lifestyle.

— K2 Coolers

The Story

The K2 brand isn’t for everyone.  It’s for the fisherman, the adventurer, the sports fanatic.  It’s for men who are serious about their passion, and want their gear to be equally as serious.  We weren’t just building a web-store, we were building an experience tailored to the K2 audience, designed to sell product and foster brand loyalty.

Taking a Step Back

Originally, we were brought in to “refresh” the K2 web-store. It wasn’t long before we realized that the entire K2 website needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.  We approached the company owners, and cast a fresh vision for the website.  We went back to the drawing board and created a website centered on the lifestyle of a K2 customer.  It was no longer a website – it was a working extension of the brand, selling more product than ever.

Building the Brand

Now that the vision was set, we put pen to paper… and stylus to tablet.  Our challenges included building a brand that had little to no brand documentation. We created font style guides, refreshed color palettes, managed photo shoots, and architected the UI for an entire web store  - all on a timeline that was originally based on a web store “refresh.”  The work was tiresome, but we loved every minute of it


After weeks of discovery meetings, UI sketches, mood boards, mockups, and more meetings, we had the beginning of the new online identity for K2 coolers. The communication was strong and crystal clear, online shopping was easier than every, and the personality was bursting from the pages. It was no longer a boring, template-based website – it was now an immersive, exciting experience.

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